Summer 2021

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1115 - Introduction to Philosophy


Instructor: Brian Gatsch
Time/s: ARR

***First Half Term***

For thousands of years philosophers have wrestled with some pretty big questions. What is the world made of? How do I know that I am who I think I am? What kind of life is going to bring me happiness? In this course we will explore the rich history of the philosophical tradition through historical and modern readings. We will build familiarity with the philosophical figures that have shaped the world, analyze and engage with them, and come to a better understanding of the various problems and puzzles that we often take for granted.  

Required text:  

Exploring Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology. Cahn, Steven M. New York: Oxford University Press. 2000. ISBN: 9780190674335 

1120 - Logic, Reasoning, and Critical Thinking


Instructor: Nils Seiler
Time/s: ARR

***Second Half Term***

In Logic, Reason, and Critical Thinking you will learn the tools you need to make and defend strong arguments and those you need to analyze the arguments of others. By focusing on the components of strong arguments, as well as some of the common fallacious methods of argumentation, this course will help you improve your own argumentative skills, especially in writing, and your skills in critical thinking. This course will help you develop the techniques required for making and analyzing arguments and give you experience in analyzing arguments in action.

2210 - Early Modern Philosophy


Instructor: Michael Candelaria
Time/s: ARR

***Second Half Term***