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Summer 2017

100 Level

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200 Level

202 - Descartes to Kant

An historical study of philosophical trends and controversies that characterize the development of early modern philosophy. This survey will cover the philosophies of Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, and Kant. Meets New Mexico Lower-Division General Education Common Core Curriculum Area V: Humanities and Fine Arts.

002Lecture3M, T, W, R
0930 - 1200
Dane Smith Hall - 223
Adrian Johnston

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300 Level

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400 Level

498 - Reading and Research


001Lecture1 TO 3John Bussanich
002Lecture1 TO 3John Taber
003Lecture1 TO 3
004Lecture1 TO 3
005Lecture1 TO 3Barbara Hannan
006Lecture1 TO 3Adrian Johnston
007Lecture1 TO 3Ann Murphy
008Lecture1 TO 3Rinita Mazumdar
009Lecture1 TO 3Emily McRae
010Lecture1 TO 3Iain Thomson
011Lecture1 TO 3Mary Domski
012Lecture1 TO 3Brent Kalar
013Lecture1 TO 3Kelly Becker
014Lecture1 TO 3Lisa Gerber
015Lecture1 TO 3Paul Livingston

499 - Senior Thesis

For departmental honors. {Offered upon demand}

001Independent Study3John Bussanich
002Independent Study3John Taber
003Independent Study3
004Independent Study3
005Independent Study3Barbara Hannan
006Independent Study3Adrian Johnston
007Independent Study3Ann Murphy
008Independent Study3Kelly Becker
009Independent Study3Emily McRae
010Independent Study3Iain Thomson
011Independent Study3Mary Domski
012Independent Study3Brent Kalar
013Independent Study3
014Independent Study3Paul Livingston

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