The following lectures have been published in individual pamphlet form and may be obtained from the Department of Philosophy (1 University of New Mexico, MSC 03 2140, Albuquerque, NM, 87131-0001, USA, at a price of $3 each.

MacIntyre, Alasdair [1997/98]. "Rival Aristotles: (1) Aristotle Against Some Renaissance Aristotelians, (2) Aristotle Against Some Modern Aristotelians."

Wood, Allen [1998/99]. "Autonomy as the Ground of Morality: (1) The Idea of Autonomy in Kant, (2) Selfhood and Autonomy in Fichte."

Michael Friedman [2000/2001]. "Kant on the Foundations of Science and Experience: (1) Transcendental Philosophy and Mathematical Physics, (2) Scientific Experience and Ordinary Experience."

Slavoj Žižek [2007/2008] Lecture may be seen by clicking on this link.

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O'Neil Lecture Series

The Brian O’Neil Memorial Lectures in the History of Philosophy have been given at the University of New Mexico since 1988/89. They are funded from an endowment established by the friends, students, and colleagues of the late Professor Brian O’Neil, with help from the UNM Foundation and the Gwen J. Barrett Fund.

Brian O’Neil received both his undergraduate and graduate education from the University of California at Berkeley, starting as a freshman when he was already in his early forties and working straight through to the Ph.D. degree. He was the author of a number of articles in philosophical journals, and a few years after he came to New Mexico he published a book entitled Epistemological Direct Realism In Descartes’ Philosophy (UNM Press, 1974). His entire professional career was spent in the UNM Philosophy Department, where he was for many years a widely loved and respected teacher of the history of philosophy. His wit, kindness, and deep interest in both the subject he taught and the students to whom he taught it left a lasting impression on all who knew him. He died from cancer in 1985.

The Brian O’Neil Memorial Lecture Series
in the History of Philosophy
Past Speakers

Jonardon Ganeri 2016/2017
Steven Nadler 2015/2016
John McDowell 2014/2015
Julia Annas 2013/2014
Robert Pippin 2011/2012
Alan Richardson 2010/2011
Paul Guyer 2009/2010
Hilary Putnam 2008/2009
Slavoj Žižek 2007/2008
Frederick Beiser 2006/2007
Stephen Menn 2005/2006
Jonathan Lear 2004/2005
Beatrice Longuenesse 2003/2004
Myles Burnyeat 2002/2003
Hubert L. Dreyfus 2001/2002
Michael Friedman 2000/2001
Terry Penner 1999/2000
Allen Wood 1998/1999
Alasdair MacIntyre 1997/1998
Alexander Nehamas 1996/1997
Alan Code 1994/1995
Barry Stroud 1993/1994
Burton Dreben 1992/1993
Edwin Curley 1991/1992
Richard Wollheim 1990/1991
Richard Popkin 1989/1990
Ernan McMullin 1988/1989

Upcoming O'Neil Lectures

Kant's Almost Complete Rejection of British Moral Theory

Speaker: Catherine Wilson

When: Nov 10, 2017 - 03:30pm - 05:30pm

Where: TBA

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The Veil of Perception and Veil of Agency

Speaker: Catherine Wilson

When: Nov 09, 2017 - 04:00pm - 06:00pm

Where: TBA

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