Paul Livingston

Graduate Director

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Office: Humanities 551
Hours: By appointment only
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  • A.B. (Harvard University, 1997)
  • M. Phil. (University of Cambridge, 1998)
  • Ph.D. (UC, Irvine, 2002)

Research Interests:

I work on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, phenomenology, metaphysics, and political philosophy from a perspective grounded in the history of twentieth-century philosophy, analytic and continental.

Recent Publications:

Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide: Pluralist Philosophy in the Twenty-First Century (anthology co-edited with Jeffrey Bell and Andrew Cutrofello) (Routledge, 2015)

The Problems of Contemporary Philosophy: A Critical Guide for the Unaffiliated (co-authored with Andrew Cutrofello) (Polity, 2015)

The Politics of Logic: Badiou, Wittgenstein, and the Consequences of Formalism (Routledge, 2012)

Philosophy and the Vision of Language (Routledge, 2008)

Philosophical History and the Problem of Consciousness (Cambridge University Press, 2004)

“Wittgenstein Reads Heidegger, Heidegger Reads Wittgenstein: Thinking Language Bounding World” Forthcoming (2015) in Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide: Pluralist Philosophy in the Twenty-First Century

“Formalism and the Critique of Reason” Forthcoming (2015) in Kritik in Zeiten der Kontingenz (Velbrück Verlag)

 “Die Geschichte des Seins und die Unentscheidbarkeit des Sinnes” Forthcoming (2015) in Existenzialanalytik und Soziologie (Mohr Siebeck Verlag Tübingen and Routledge Press)

“Husserl: From Intentionality to Transcendental Phenomenology” Forthcoming (2015) in Philosophy of Mind in the 19th Century: Bolzano to Husserl (Acumen)

“Formalism, Problems and the Real/Virtual: Deleuze and Lacan”  Forthcoming (2015) in Deleuze and Lacan: A Disjunctive Synthesis (Edinburgh U. Press)

“Deleuze’s (para-)Platonism: Mathematics, Ideal Genesis, and the Temporal Paradoxes of Unlimited Becoming” Forthcoming (2015) in Nature Loves to Hide: Contemporary Encounters with Ancient Metaphysics (Edinburgh U. Press)

“Wittgenstein and Plato on Being, Naming, and Forms of Life”  Al-Mukhatabat: A Trilingual Journal for Logic, Epistemology, and Analytical Philosophy 9 (2014), pp. 322-342 

“The Sense of Finitude and the Finitude of Sense” In Piotr Stalmaszczyk, ed., Semantics and Beyond: Philosophical and Linguistic Investigations (Ontos Verlag, 2014), pp. 161-84

“Politics, Subjectivity, and Cosmological Antinomy: Kant, Badiou, and Žižek” Crisis and Critique 2 (Special Acheronta Movebo issue, 2014), pp. 23-50

“How do we Recognize Strong Critique?” Crisis and Critique 3 (2014), pp. 85-115

“Phenomenal Concepts and the Problem of Acquaintance” Journal of Consciousness Studies 20: 5-6 (2013), pp. 71-92

“Realism and the Infinite” Speculations: A Journal of Speculative Realism IV (2013), pp. 99-117

“Badiou and the Consequences of Formalism” Cosmos and History 8:1 (2012), pp. 130-149

“Badiou and the Politics of Form” Philosophy Compass 7:5 (2012), pp. 304-315

“Derrida and Formal Logic: Formalising the Undecidable” Derrida Today 3:2 (2010), pp. 221-39

“Wittgenstein, Turing, and the ‘Finitude’ of Language,” Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations 9 (2010), pp. 215-47

"Agamben, Badiou, and Russell," Continental Philosophy Review, 42:3 (2009), pp. 297-325

"Alain Badiou: Being and Event," (Review Article) Inquiry, 51:2 (2008), pp. 217-238

"Wittgenstein, Kant, and the Critique of Totality," Philosophy and Social Criticism, 33:6 (2007), pp. 691-715

"Scott Soames: Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth Century," (Review Article) Inquiry, 49:3 (2007), pp. 290-311

Other Information:

Recent Teaching, Research and Editing

Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Science; Greek Philosophy; Wittgenstein; Deleuze; Theories of Truth; History of Analytic Philosophy; History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, Freiburg University, Germany, January-August, 2007; June-August, 2009; October 2013-January 2014

Continental Philosophy Editor,

Twentieth Century Philosophy Editor, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

For more information, please see my personal web page, which contains my CV, recent information, and some recent published and unpublished papers.