Both Sides Now: Pointing to the Natureless Nature of Thing

O'Neil Lecture

Speaker: Jay L Garfield, Smith College and the Harvard Divinity School

When: Oct 03, 2024 - 03:30pm - 05:30pm

Where: TBA



The Mahāyāna Buddhist canon has been called an “open canon” as texts composed long after the Buddha’s death in medieval India, Tibet, China, Japan, and elsewhere have come to be regarded as canonical.  And the 8,000 line Perfection of Wisdom Sūtra specifically asserts that texts that accord perfectly with the Buddha’s intent can be regarded as buddhavacana—the speech of the Buddha.  So, why not contemporary popular music? I will show how to use Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now to illuminate central doctrines of the Yogācāra school, such as the doctrine of the three natures, of the three naturelessenesses, and the three domains of reality.