Shared-Credit Program

The Department of Philosophy offers a Shared-Credit Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program that allows students to earn both the B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy in five years of study.

Application Requirements

  • Undergraduate Philosophy majors at UNM who have earned enough total credit hours to reach junior- or senior-level status are eligible to apply.
  • Students applying to the Shared-Credit Program are to follow the application procedures for the Philosophy M.A. Program.
    • The application standards and criteria for the Philosophy M.A. Program can be found on our Graduate Programs: "How to Apply” page.
    • Additional information about the Philosophy Graduate Programs can be found in the UNM Catalog (here).

Program Requirements

Undergraduate students accepted into the Shared-Credit Program will be granted provisional admission into the Philosophy M.A. Program.

  • Non-provisional admission to the M.A. Program can be granted only after the B.A. in Philosophy has been earned.

After acceptance to the Shared-Credit Program, two general requirements must be met for a student to successfully complete the program.

  • [1] A student must, during their final year of undergraduate studies, complete two graduate-level electives with a grade of “B” or better as part of the undergraduate degree elective requirement.
    • Including these shared-credit courses, a maximum of 18 credit hours of approved graduate-level coursework may be applied to the requirements for the Shared-Credit Program.
  • [2] A student must fulfill all the requirements for the B.A. in Philosophy and all requirements for the M.A. in Philosophy.

Additional Information

  • Students who choose not to complete the graduate portion of the Shared-Credit Program are still awarded a B.A. in Philosophy when all undergraduate degree requirements have been met.
  • Shared-credit hour coursework will count toward the undergraduate degree whether or not the student gains admission into the M.A. program, provided that the student earns a grade of "B" or better in those courses.
  • Students wishing to apply to the Philosophy Shared-Credit Degree Program are strongly encouraged to review the degree requirements for the B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy as well as the general requirements for UNM’s Shared-Credit Degree Programs, as found in the Graduate Program section of the UNM Catalog.

Contact Us

Students interested in our Shared-Credit Program are invited to contact the department’s Faculty and Staff Advisors for Philosophy Undergraduates to discuss the program requirements and applications procedures.