Nils Seiler

PhD Student


Previous Degree/s: M.F.A. Literary Translation: Philosophical Translation concentration, 2019 University of Iowa; M.A. Asian Studies: South Asia concentration, 2017 Cornell University; B.A. Religious Studies, History minor, 2014 University of New Mexico

Philosophical Interests: South Asian Philosophy (Mīmāṃsā, Nyāya, and Buddhist philosophy), epistemology, philosophy of language, hermeneutics, and history of philosophy.


“Suspicious Feelings: Suspicion (saṃśaya) as an Affective State,” Uehiro Graduate Student Philosophy Conference: University of Hawai’i Manoa, Spring 2019 

“Retranslating Philosophy: Dharmottara’s Theory of Perception,” International Colloquium on Reading and Re-Translation: University of Iowa, Spring 2019 

“Scriptural Authority: Jayanta on Kumārila’s Failure to Validate the Veda,” Annual South Asia Conference: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fall 2017