Zaccharia Turnbull

PhD Student


Philosophical Interests: Kant and German idealism, neo-pragmatism, philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of time, formal approaches in phenomenology


Title:  “Kant, Longuenesse & the Systematicity Problem”

Conference: Kant’s Philosophy of Nature (Masterclass/Seminar with Eckart Forster)

Location: The University of Sydney (Sydney)

Date: June, 2015 

Title: “Politics, Peace & Race in Levinas: Love as Politics Without Foundations”

Conference: Applied Phenomenology: Collaborative Investigations

Location: The New School  for Social Research (New York)

Date: February, 2015 

Title: “Pre-Temporal  Retention: An Extension of Husserlian Time Constitution”

Conference: The Philosophy of Time

Location: Duquesne University (Pittsburgh)

Date: March, 2014  

Title: “Sarcasm Detection and Sentiment Analysis” 

Conference: CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Research Organisation) Research Scholar Conference 

Location: Macquarie University (Sydney)

Date: February, 2011