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Brent Kalar

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Advisor

Photo: Brent Kalar

Office: Humanities 549
Hours: On leave

  • B.A. (University of Minnesota, 1993)
  • Ph.D. (Harvard, 2003)

Research Interests:

Aesthetics, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Culture. Currently developing a combined theory of taste, reading, and culture.

Recent Publications:

"Subjectivity and Sociality in Kant's Theory of Beauty," Kantian Review 23:2 (2018), 205-227

"The Ethical Significance of Kant's Sensus Communis," Idealistic Studies 47: 1&2 (2017), 43-58

"Cavell on the Human Interest of Art and Philosophy," in James Loxley and Andrew Taylor (eds.), Stanley Cavell: Philosophy, Literature, and Criticism (Manchester University Press, 2012)

"The Naive and the Natural: Schiller's Influence on Nietzsche's Early Aesthetics" History of Philosophy Quarterly, 25:4, 359-377, October 2008.

The Demands of Taste in Kant's Aesthetics (Continuum, 2006).